Schesir arrives at the “Porto dei Piccoli” in Genoa.

Schesir, which has always supported the most vulnerable, began a new partnership entered into a new partnership with “Il porto dei Piccoli”, a Genoese non-profit organisation that has been active in various Italian paediatric hospitals since 2005. The company will support the new experimental project “Gimme five – Qua la zampa”, which is aimed at providing Animal Assisted Activities for the Child Neuropsychiatry ward of Istituto Giannina Gaslini.

The project will involve opportunities for interaction between patients and specially trained dogs, which in-patient children will have the chance to meet at first in the outdoor areas of the Institute. Through a stimulating and innovative play and learning programme, the volunteers of the association will involve children and parents in many different activities.

After this first phase, the activities could be moved within the hospital and to specific wards where hospitalised children are unable to get out of bed.

During the implementation of the project, patients, animals and patient-animal interaction will be continuously monitored.

The “Gimme Five” project will be presented on 10 September at Istituto Gaslini.

We will keep you up to date on the programme for the day.